Is there a term called normal in the case of hair loss? Can even hair loss be considered normal? People suffering from hair loss problems will tell how they feel about losing their hair and turning bald. It all starts with a casual look in the mirror which turns into a stare when you realize that the hair is looking thinner and wispier than what they usually did. You feel the hair through your fingers

Good Results

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I did hair transplant in Pune with Spurt Hair Clinic in Jan this year. I got good results . BEst of Luck for you all Avnish Tripathi


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Hair loss is one of the most distressing and appalling physical conditions. Not because it is the loss of very identity of the natural possession. But also, it is a blow on the personality of a person as hair are very crucial part of any one’s personality. Spurt Hair Clinic is a group highly devoted professionals who are committed to science and art of hair restoration. This team is led by highly qualified and internationally