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Only proper care and maintenance will not fetch you well nourished hair. Many factors lead to results in desirable hair quality, tone and length. Hard water can be a major reason for hair fall. It can add on to roughness in hair and make it look unhealthy. Each hair shaft has small scales and it’s arranged something like shingles on a roof. Hard water has the capacity to make scales stand vertically which makes hair fell tangled and rough. This makes it difficult in rinsing the soap applied while nourishing it. Soap avoids hair smoothing when combined with hard water due to the excess minerals in water from magnesium and calcium salts which are not soluble in water and result in rough and dry hair.

Hard Water and your Hair

Avoiding contact of hair with water is hard. Check for the type of water you use, most people are unaware of the fact that hard water can negatively impact hair cells. Many unsuitable contents in water can make hair dry, damaged and rough and encourage bad hair fall. The chemicals in water make it hard in nature lead to unhealthy conditions of hair; give a receding hairline, lead to premature graying and more. Regular association of your scalp with harmful chemicals led to severe paves and damages.

Hard water can also change tone and natural color of your crowning glory making it vital to seek hair colors, synthetic dyes which can impact your looks the wrong way. Hard water can also leave traces of unwanted elements on the scalp that keeps adding onto layers within and lead to damage and worsen hair conditions.

Hard water causes split ends mainly, these split ends deter the growth of hair and don’t let them grow. There is no solution for split end hair other than removing from your head. For those who live in areas of hard water need to find some new ways of transforming the water supply, this will fetch healthy and shiny hair.

Soft Water—the only Way Out

Soft water is a great solution for hair, but it’s not an easy task to produce soft water regularly and it can be very expensive. Some residential areas water softener chemicals like potassium and sodium are used regularly. These added chemicals cannot correct the water but it can surely become better.

It can get hard for you to lay your hands on soft water and when hair refuses to grow healthily, then one need to visit a hair therapist or clinic to bring down baldness and hair fall. With the correct treatment you will get back that shine, length and volume to hair in the right way!

To truly up, this was what I personally was facing at my end. But when I learned about the adverse effects  hard water  was causing to my hair, I quit using hard water for my hair for good.

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