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I am sure you must have come across cases in your own life when you have been led to purchase some commodity at a discounted price with the assumption that the quality of the commodity purchased by you is relatively equal to the quality of the originally priced commodity. For e.g. when one enters the market to buy a car, the person buying the car inclines towards buying a second hand used car for the benefit of monetary discount. Although it is true that the used car comes cheaper than the original brand new model and functions as good as any other automobile, but it should also be considered that the used car is vulnerable to damage as depreciation of the car has already set in and you don’t know when it would start giving you trouble. The monetary benefit that you were happy about when you bought the used car may be used up to repair and maintain the car in the long run.

The same logic can be applied to the service related industry like the hair transplant services. Supposedly a person in the service industry charges for a service at a rate lower than what should be usually charged; the customer is bound to inquire about the authenticity of the service. The reason for the customer’s inquiry could be that they do not want poor services from inexperienced providers or use of under quality material or even may be afraid of being deceived. But it is also seen in many cases that a particular service provider is satisfied and happy to provide services at a cheaper rate and of good quality. Whatever may be the case, a person when planning to invest in a service should be careful enough to perform ample research through enquiries and gaining feedback from earlier clients.

Perils involved during hair transplant

The procedure involving hair transplant is invasive as it involves a surgical operation on the scalp of the patient. Some of the different procedures of hair transplant includes a process where strips of skin is extracted from the back of the head and implanted in to the balding areas after dividing it in grafts or it can also be done by extracting healthy hair follicles directly and transferring them to the balding or areas of hair loss on the scalp. Whatever may be the procedure, there has been a good success rate but there is also potential for risk involved during the procedure.

Let us look into some of the instances where the procedure could go wrong and cause harm to the patient:

  • Could cause numbness due to a wrong incision or transplantation.
  • Use of tools and facility that are not hygienic and clean can become the major cause of infections among the patients.
  • Some patients are allergic to a particular form of anesthesia which could cause damage to either their heart or the nervous system or both.
  • The patient may not be provided with a completely scar free hair transplant.
  • The area for the donor hair follicles should be so decided so as to it provides minimum exposure for the scars left behind by the procedure. Not following which the patient might have to face the embarrassment of the scars showing.
  • Although rejected hair follicle by the patient’s body is not a health risk but it results in time and money waste of the patient.

When one opts to go for cheap hair transplant, a patient might have to face some or all of the above problems. Irrespective of the cost, whether cheap or costly, one should perform a thorough research for the best hair transplant clinics and only then make a commitment.

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