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There are many causes of hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary. A person who comes from a family of balding men can be sure to become a bald himself sooner or later.  Let us look into some of the practical means with the help of which it is possible to prevent hair loss if not completely avoid it.

Avoid Stress and stay nourished:

Stress is the biggest cause of hair loss which ultimately results in hair transplant for men. A good mental health goes a long way in preventing all diseases and illness including hair loss. Unhealthy eating habits result in poor nourishment which is also a factor causing hair loss. Along with avoiding stress, one must adhere to a maintained routine for the care of their hair. A healthy body and unstressed mind can go a long way in making a person healthy and it also stands true for your hair. Our hair absorbs the necessary nutrients from our body which can be seen in the healthy luster of the thick strands of your hair. Adding fruits and vegetable to your diet is the easiest way of achieving this. Also make sure to include an adequate amount of protein, iron, vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc and Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. Also, the amount of anxiety and restlessness in a person can adversely affect his mental as well as physical health. And it also shows in the deteriorating quality of your hair. Adequate sleep and physical exercise are helpful in counteracting stress.

Care for your hair:

If proper care is followed by a person for their hair, hair loss can not only be delayed but prevented also. Blow drying, crimping, perming is a big no-no for the sake of your hair as the heat and pulling of the hair tends to make it extremely brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Also using unnatural dye for hair which contains harmful dyeing agents not only are harmful to the luster and natural shine of your hair but are known to affect the brain and nervous system also. Avoid all of this as much as possible. Proper washing and periodic cleaning of the hair is a must for its maintenance.

Hair loss or transplant treatments

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. But if one has a hereditary problem, hair loss condition is unavoidable. But before the use of any medication, it is highly recommended to consult a good doctor and follow his advice regarding your condition.

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