FUE Hair Transplant in Pune

FUE Hair Transplant in Pune Will Give Your Hair a Second Life

FUE Hair Treatment is by far the most advanced form of hair transplantation that is nowadays practiced across the world. This method of hair transplantation offers certainly major advantages over the other methods of hair transplantation like “follicular unit transplantation” and “strip harvesting transplantation”, which is why most doctors recommend this procedure for their patients. Also known as follicular unit extraction, this procedure involves extraction of hair follicles from a particular donor area by the doctor who uses a special form of extraction instrument. Once extracted, the follicles are transferred to a patient’s recipient area. With the help of a specially prepared microsurgical needle, a surgeon is going to puncture the specific scalp area which is going to receive these grafts. A doctor will then insert the grafts at an angle on the specific recipient area. A definite density of hair is also maintained so that the hair resembles a realistic and natural hair pattern. Hair transplantation is one of the preferable cosmetic surgeries that people go for nowadays.

Before and After Hair Transplant in Pune
Before and After Hair Transplant in Pune

What causes Hair fall?

Old age brings with it various problems which if not dealt with on time can leave one demotivated and disappointed. Today, hair loss has become a persistent problem that people of all age groups are confronting owing to the changes in lifestyle and climatic conditions of the country. Spurt clinic is best for FUE hair transplant in Pune. The procedure is painless and pocket-friendly. The best transplant techniques give effective and satisfactory results. There can be various reasons for a person suffering from baldness or hair loss. Heredity, infections, improper diet is a few causes that contribute immensely towards hair loss. However androgenic alopecia is considered as the main cause behind substantial hair loss. The problem can be cured by either surgery or through medication. Medicines can only tackle the initial stages of hair fall i.e. from stage one to stage four and for this procedure to be successful, it's crucial that patients take these medicines regularly. Hair fall above the 4th stage to 7th stage indicates the need for hair transplantation. It is the permanent and most effective solution to this problem and does not require any maintenance or further investment. 

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

As the Best Hair Transplant in Pune at Spurt we do not perform the old techniques. We follow Bio FUE which is one of the Latest and advanced technique.

In Bio Simulated FUE, grafts are removed one-by-one from the back and sides of the scalp using an Imported Extraction Machine. The grafts are placed into tiny recipient sites that the surgeon makes in the balding area after the site has been given a rapid nutrition boost by using PRP Treatment. This is a surgical process in which healthy hair follicles immune to the effects of follicle damaging hormones called DHT, are taken out of the scalp and transplanted to the bald or thin hair parts of the scalp. It is done under local anesthesia and is relatively painless.

• Original angle and direction maintained for original, 100% natural look
The hair shaft rises out of the scalp at a specific angle in different parts of the scalp. The hairs in the back of our head are directed downwards and backward. While the hairs in the vertex area (top of the head) grow perpendicular to the scalp (they grow out straight). The hairs in the forehead(front) arise in a forward and downward direction. All these specific angles are carefully considered and maintained by our skilled doctors to obtain a 100% natural look to your hair.
• Minimal pain, near invisible scarring
• Ideal density of 40-50 grafts/sq.cm
• Hairline designed with future aging in mind